future life -wypracowanie z angielskiego.



What will the world be like 100 years from today? To my mind the world be better.
       There will be more people, because  medicine will be better. I thing the robots will instead of teachers. Robots will be smarter than teachers. Children will take to school laptop computers, because this is more comfortable than notebooks. We will have flaying cars and the won’t be any more traffic jams! Cars won’t pollute the environment. They will use alternative sources of energy, such as solar power, electricity, natural gas or even water.  I believe means of transport will be environmental friendly and Earth will be clean. I think we will go to Mars or different planets on trip and space shuttles will take people on holidays to the Moon. It will be interesting and exciting.

Nobody know what the future holds. I believe that the future will better that our present life. We must believe in that, because if somebody believes in something very much, it will happen at last.







Z wypracowania dostałam 5 . ;D Powodzenia;D

Marzec 7th, 2011

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